Kansas City

Kansas City = 3 day weekend getaway (mid-west style)

I haven’t been to Kansas City since high school.  I’m not sure what I saw when I was there last…maybe Pottery Barn?  I don’t remember much.  My cousins (Shelby and Bailey) live in Kansas City so Sam and I figured we might as well go and visit.  I was pleasantly surprised at all KC had to offer.  The downtown has undergone a revitalization and it was a happening place on Sunday night (I’m sure the sold out K$sha concert and Winter Jam-a montage of Christian artists) helped to pack the streets but I was still impressed.  And yes…the mix of fans was quite entertaining.  K$sha had a line of 17 year old girls in ripped stockings and smoky eye make-up.  Winter Jam, lots of middle school kids with their youth group leaders.  I quite enjoyed myself.

Kansas City also lays claim as a sister city of Sevilla, Spain.  The plaza in KC has even built a replica of “La Giralda” and the architecture boasts moorish influence and tile work.  Not quite the same as Sevilla but they try.  Sevilla has a street named “Kansas City Ave.”  I’m pretty sure this is the extent of what it means to be a ‘sister city.’  No one really seems to know but it’s fun to say sister city.  Wikipedia even failed to shed much light on the definition of the relationship but I did find the following criticism interesting and have decided that when I’m mayor my city will have the best sister cities.

The real Giralda

The real Giralda

The Plaza at Night


The concept of sister cities has been criticized as an unnecessary and expensive endeavor for cities to take part in with little to no accountability or obvious signs of economic development resulting from the arrangement. Politicians are frequently accused of using sister cities as an excuse to take a pleasure trip at public expense, commonly referred to as a junket.


2 thoughts on “Kansas City

  1. I’m famous!!! haha
    I had such a fabulous time this past weekend, it was great to catch up with you and Sam and to share some wonderful stories and hear what is REALLY going on in your lives. I can’t wait till my trip to see you guys!!! You picked the right weekend, this weekend is cold and snowing! 😦
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! I love reading your blog! ciao!!! Besitos!

  2. I am so glad that you and Sam were able to make it to KC to see Shelby and I. It was so wonderful to spend time with you guys…I always enjoy reading what you have to say. A side note for Kansas City trivia: Kansas City is the “City of Fountains” and is second only to Rome with more than 200 fountains throughout the city…just thought you may enjoy some trivia…

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