Faraway Island

We travel to Thailand in 12 days!  We are going to the faraway island of Koh Samui for the wedding of one of my college roommates.  Emily Halls! (She is marrying Erlo Jones.  He is from South Africa and New Zealand so he gets props in my book).  My one beef with this marriage is that Emily is marrying into an even easier last name than ‘Halls.’  ‘Jones’ will present NO amount of sacrifice on her part.  Just imagine practicing your new last name of ‘van Aswegen’ in front of the mirror for 3 months before your wedding and still not getting it right.  That is true committment;)

I am practically giddy with excitement to see my friend and to TRAVEL!  I am ready for my business class flight (that Sam has slaved away for in mileage points to provide an upgrade) and I’m ready to get lost in Asia.  And get a cheap Thai massage on the beach (from a professional not the side of the street which they do warn about on the web-sites as the street massages may be more than just a ‘massage.’)

Don’t worry I won’t be doing countdown posts until Thailand .  That would be boring.

Scooter ride!



11 thoughts on “Faraway Island

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s a little bitter about going from one unpronounceable last name to another. I realize mine got shorter and yours got longer, but you of all people should understand how many ways people can butcher a four-letter last name.
    Can’t wait to hear how your Thai massage goes =)

  2. Re your last “become a millionaire” post, I am seriously considering opening a street-side “massage” shop in Thailand. We could live like kings.

  3. My tips:
    1. Take EXTREME caution if renting scooters and make sure you have travel insurance! The Bangkok International Hospital in Koh Samui is very nice but you probably don’t want to spend any time there.
    2. If you can make it out to some of the small islands, ie. Kao Tao, to do some snorkeling do it! It is amazing!!
    I hope you have a wonderful time! Koh Samui is really lovely!

  4. hi Jenna.
    i stumbled upon your blog when i googled ‘ideas for a bachelorette party in thailand’. i’d love to hear more about wot all one can do. m getting married next year n would love to travel to that part of the world with my girls.
    could you please share some tips? thanks a bunch!


    • Hi Prachi!

      We were on the island of Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a small enough island that you can get around very easily on scooters and using taxis. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. There are several large cities (all with beach access) that have a great night life. You could do multiple nights out and be on different parts of the island each night. There are also tons of higher end restaurants that you could go for a more ‘classy’ time out with your girls. My only caution is that when going out with a bunch of girls on such a small island and an island known for it’s ‘party vibe’ you need to be extra careful. We always made sure that we didn’t get ourselves into a bad situation.

      We also went to Bangkok. I wouldn’t recommend a bachelorette party in Bangkok just because it’s a very big city. Lots of other places that would be more intimate.

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