Thai Massage

I got the Thai massage.  There is a lot of pulling on limbs and pressure points utilized in Thai massage.  I don’t know all of the nuances or differences from a regular massage but I will say I have never had a massage therapist stand on my ham strings before.  At one point she asked me if I was okay.  Most likely because she had never met someone that was so inflexible they couldn’t touch their toes.  She probably felt sorry for me.

Sam fording a river to the waterfall.

View from the top of the island.

On the main road by our resort.


3 thoughts on “Thai Massage

  1. So glad the Thai massage was on the up and up. Sorry still can’t touch your toes! Your water fight post was probably the first time I’ve ever thought visiting Asia sounded tempting =)

    • I actually felt the same way about Asia a couple of years ago. Not for sure what changed but if you ever get a chance you should think about visiting at least once!

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