Songkran-Happy New Year

We flew into Bangkok yesterday morning for our remaining 2 days in Thailand.  The new year festival of Songkran was still going strong and we watched as the entire city continued to partake in the world’s biggest water fight.  There is no escaping being drenched with water at any corner, main street, or back alley.  We were heading down a side street and had to run to the other side as 3 kids came at us with buckets of water and squirt guns.  Later on we crossed in front of a hotel entrance only to be assailed by a smiling worker with a water hose. The festival is all inclusive and no one escapes the mirth or “100% wet” as the concierge warned:)

We were warned not to rent scooters during the holiday as NO ONE escapes the water.

Pictures from our hotel in Koh Samui.

We walked 3 blocks from our hotel and were drenched.


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