This is How you Do Thailand – part 2

Other local excursions and attractions to visit include a plethora of Buddhist temples, gold and other jewelly-crusted incarnations. I was struck by the sheer numbers of locals at these places too – these temples and shrines have gradually adopted the tourist feel that is inevitable of such a beautiful destination, yet the locals still swing by to pay their respects, drop a few coins in the prayer tin. Funny how some practices are separated only by an ocean, and the name of the item being worshipped…



Once you begin to tire of the attractions and the never-ending accosting by the tailors and tuk tuk drivers, you should actually give in and take a ride in said tuk tuk – by far the most colorful and notorious (not always for good reasons) taxis in Thailand.


This would be a perfect time to stop and try a refreshing Thai iced tea – a carnally sweet, yet invigorating version of a western iced tea, but with sweetened milk on top.


Finally, your scooter, tuk tuk or taxi should lead you to the Banyan Tree Hotel downtown Bangkok, right around 6:00pm, to catch the views from one of the top 20 rooftop bars in the world, just as the sun takes one last tired glance over it’s shoulder before succumbing to the vibrant, humid Thai night…indeed, 62 stories above the city lights, Vertigo bar seems a fitting place to wind down a whirlwind tour of this churning little asian honey pot of cultural and culinary delights.



And that, is How you Do Thailand.



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