This is how you do Thailand

In light of recent conversations between Jenna and I about the corny nature of the “3 perfect days in XYZ” articles we read in the various travel magazines that spill out of the seat pocket in front of us on planes, we have decided to start our own series, which will be somewhat more limited, toour own personal travels and experiences therein.
Welcome then, to the inaugural This is How you Do…

Thailand – part 1

We can recommend getting out of Bangkok initially – there are several idyllic locations within a few hours of the sweaty bustle of Bangkok. Get your R&R in first, and if you are white and American, practice your haggling before you venture out into the big city.

Find a hotel, nothing fancy, but comfortable. And let’s be honest – infinity pools are what everyone wants a picture of on their vacations. Accommodations are plentiful and the options cheap throughout Thailand.


Next, check out the local happenings…on koh samui, and indeed all of Thailand in mid April, this is New Years, aka a big excuse for everyone and their super soakers to have one massive street water fight – not a bad tradition to adopt with temperatures and humidity reaching the “I’d like an order of IV fluid please” levels.

Excursions are pushed upon you in ample doses anywhere you go in Thailand – everyone is either a tour guide, related to one, or impossible to distinguish between the two. That being said, the attractions are worth viewing, whether by scooter for the adventurous, or by tour boat for the lazy and sunburnt.




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