How to Do Prague – part 1

Prague is a breath-taking city. It sits, unassuming somewhere between Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany, a city with innumerable historical and sightseeing bragging points. A fortnight is what you could probably spend exploring simply the inner city, but a weekend…now THAT is for the modern tourist ( or business traveller sneaking in a boondoggle)…


Be sure to stay somewhere fairly central – close to the old square would be my recommendation. Yes, it will be a little pricier, but trust me, you will be able to take the money you would have to spend on new shoes and Thai foot massages and get a decent 3 star hotel a block off of the old square, “honesty bar” and free wifi included (the honesty bar thing is particularly attractive)

Your hotel, perhaps?

From here, you are able to stroll quite easily down to the old square. This is home to the Astrological clock tower, circa 1410 – the 3rd oldest in the world, and the only one still working.

Locals will tell you to try and be in this area on the hour, to observe the workings of this ancient timepiece, but observing from a distance will save you the raunchy experience of European body
Odor as the square is jam-packed with Europeans ( the hostel variety)


If you happen to be here during the Easter weekend, you will be lucky enough to partake in the limitless beer, Moravian sausage, and cylindrical pastries coated in sugar that take over the Old Square every year. The mood is carnival-esque, and beautiful. The smells will physically pull you from one tent to the next.

Sunset on the square


2 thoughts on “How to Do Prague – part 1

  1. Hi Sam and Jenna,
    I will be in Prague for a week in June. I am so glad to see you had a nice time!

    What hotel did you stay at? I am having a hard time sorting through all of the options.

    Abby Kirkbride

  2. Hello Abby,

    You will have a blast in Prague. I stayed at the Hotel Maximillian in Prague. It is a block or two off of the old town square (
    It was very comfortable, the breakfast was incredible & included in the rate, the staff was very helpful, and they have free wifi. I am not sure if you are travelling for business or not, but for how close it is to the center of Prague, I believe it is quite reasonably priced (119 Euros/night). If you are staying longer though, I am sure there are probably some better, lower-cost options.
    Hopefully this helps & have a great trip!


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