How to do Prague – part 2

Charles bridge by night

After spending the day wondering the streets of old town Prague, enjoying the countless varieties of culinary surprises awaiting you at the plethora of sidewalk cafes, you should meander your way toward the Charles Bridge. From here you will have a perfect view of the Palace and Cathedral perched up on the hill overlooking the city. The sun setting behind this view, accompanied by the strumming of street artists both good and bad is not a scene you will soon forget


After this you would be understandably tired and probably ready to partake of a traditional czech dinner of ghoulash and dumplings. Any open bar will fit the bill in this case, and you would be hard pressed not to find one


Awaking the next day, refreshed and ready to explore the remaining sights of Prague you could elect to visit, as seems to be the popular thing to do, any one of the seeming hundreds of mcdonalds in the city

Of course you would decline to rather experience the 45 minute breakfast service as is customary in the ever-immortalized cafe


After a heart breakfast capped with a moustache-growing-strength espresso, you can venture out again, this time crossing one of the other bridges, Nicholas perhaps?

This will take you up to a strange monument overlooking the city, resembling a piano time-keeper that only nerds would remember the name of. This is an interesting viewpoint of the city: as the oilfield-esque/piano ticker swings gracefully from side to side, covered in modern graffiti, the ancient city below rests in a content aura, almost seeming to acknowledge that it will always be behind the times and ancient, but that is okay, really.



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