How to do Prague – part 3



After having a modern-day soliloquy overlooking the city from this vantage point, you would surely snap out of your ponderings and continue to stroll along towards the palace, passing through growths of lilacs that frame the city in a new and sweet-smelling way:



At this point you would find yourself at the base of possibly one of the most photogenic little cafes in the city. Incidentally, this is almost certainly the viewpoint that any poster you will see of Prague and it’s many bridges is photographed from.

And the view is truly poster-worthy:


By now, you are understandably anxious to get a glimpse of this palace and cathedral perched atop the hill that you have been observing from afar till now. A slow little meander through some hillside vineyards will ultimately get you there.


Finally, you arrive at the palace gates, are ushered through courtyard and drink in your first up-close glimpses of the cathedral. Alas, tourists are not always allowed inside, however a lucky few I am sure have a snuck a peek inside this imposing structure.




The views thus drunk in, you would then be grateful for the winding road back down to the city.

Of course, as any tourist would, you will want to swing by the guard boxes and get a photo with the aviator-donned palace guards:

You will most likely be distracted by the various forms of transportation at this point ( if you actually care about automobiles in the slightest that is… Behold:




This will lead you back into the city via the well- travelled Charles bridge, where, incidentally, if you feel in need of extra blessing, you will need to make a concerted effort to touch the metal engravings at various points along this bridge, like so:


At this juncture you will realize that a city like this will perpetually offer you more in the way of sights, sounds and experiences than you will ever be able to capture, for posterity or for bloggings sake. This, then is when you say, Prague, peace out – it has been a pleasure.



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