Feed the Crocodiles

Has anyone been to Costa Rica?  What was the highlight of your trip?  I want recommendations!  I’ll admit that I am world’s worst internet researcher but I am struggling to find good information on travel to Costa Rica.  We leave in 2 weeks with Kurtis and Sarah for the town/village/beach of Tamarindo.  I’m anticipating a zip line tour maybe??  People tend to talk a lot about zip lines in Costa Rica and the general beauty but I want breaking news.  I have heard that you can feed crocodiles live chickens off of a bridge.  Honestly, that sounded kind of cool.  Don’t hate me for being cruel.  We’re renting a compact 4×4 vehicle (what is that?) and driving from San Jose to Tamarindo.  We could even go to Nicaragua!  If you know of something AWESOME let me know!

(I am really excited to speak Spanish.  Did you know they don’t speak Spanish in Thailand?  Don’t try.)

He might just peck my eyes out.


4 thoughts on “Feed the Crocodiles

  1. Go to see Volcan Arenal and stay in La Fortuna. You can hike up the volcano and see the lava (you can also see it erupting at night time). It’s awesome. While in La Fortuna go to the hot springs (aguas termales). Definitely worth the experience. We also did zip line. Worth it. We also went to Manuel Antonio. Awesome beach. Really you can’t go wrong with any of the national parks. San Jose is fun, too, but it’s kind of just like any other big city. Anywho. Shoot me an email if you want more details. Graham and I took a group of my students a few years ago. GREAT country. Ticos are wonderful people. Food is awesome. It will probably rain at some point throughout almost every day, so take a good rain jacket (I had an awesome Merrell one).

  2. PS. Also if in La Fortuna, hike down to see and swim in La Fortuna Falls. We saw a real live Toucan on the hike down. Really fun. I love how naturey the whole country it, but it lives off tourism so all the hotels and such are really nice. Eat in a soda (local lunch spots in towns). Eat gallo pinto and as much fresh fruit as possible. And drink tons of coffee!

    • THANK YOU! I will drink lots of coffee, swim in the falls, hike (maybe), eat, and zip line! That’s good to know about the volcano. We really wanted to see that. And I’m glad to hear that you got good food! Gallo pinto sounds amazing. I wish you were coming:(

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