Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a unique town on the western coast of CR made up of locals, tourists, and lots of surfers. It is much smaller (maybe around 2,000 people including locals and tourists?) and less touristy than resorts I’ve been to in Mexico although Tamarindo definitely caters to American tourists. Most waiters and shop owners speak English (although limited which I love) and accept U.S dollars. However, CR has a raw and untouched quality that you miss when visiting big all inclusive resorts typical in Mexico. I realize that not all of Mexico is super resorty but I’m speaking in general. The beaches are all public and touring from beach to beach is easy with a car. We have met ex pats from across the US and the world that have moved to CR for a slower less complicated life. Pura Vida. It’s evident that time is not important (we could not figure out the correct time for 2 days when our iPhones inaccurately updated) and you are able to walk from one side of town to the other in less than 15 minutes. Tamarindo beach has shaped the town into a care free town of sand, sun, and hub for adventure enthusiasts eager to explore the Costa Rican jungles, beaches, volcanoes, fishing, and whatever you can think of next.

Things to love; coffee, fresh fruit, sun, and fresh seafood! The food has been beyond fantastic.








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