Chinese Fire Drill

There is not always a lot to do on nights and weekends when you grow up in a small town.  Sure we were kept busy playing every sport you could think of and working at one of the three fast food restaurants in town but really there was a lot of down time.  So…back when gas was around $1.09 a gallon we went ‘cruising’ in someone’s killer ride down “D” Street…a lot.  But after listening to N’Sync (times two) and halfway through a Route 44 Dr. Pepper you get bored and decide to take it to the next level.  Chinese Fire Drill at the next 4-way stop!…in really short boy shorts and tank tops.  16 year old girls have really good ideas (don’t tell me Justin Timberlake didn’t make you do crazy things).  To be fair no one was on the street and it was foggy and dark.  We weren’t disturbing traffic and the only lights coming down the road were far enough off.  That is unless those lights had super ‘beam’ power like a police car might engage.

Our 1 of 4 police officers stepped out of his car with lights flashing.  He asked to see the driver’s license and registration (he didn’t seem too phased that she was now in the back seat after semi-successfully completing our brilliant chinese fire drill).  She had to get out of the car in her hot pants to retrieve her license which was conveniently in the trunk??  He only asked us once if we had been drinking (no officer only a dumb amount of Dr. Pepper) and after shining his flashlight around he tapped the hood and told us to have a nice evening.

I get to see these girls in less than 3 days!  Two of them have babies now but who knows we may just find ourselves at a 4-way stop with only one thing to do…

Cliche teen girl err...22 year old picture.



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