Love Birds

You better believe I was smuggling back one of these turquoise birdcages from my cousin Bailey’s wedding.  I’m sure TSA sees a lot of weird things but I was sort of hoping for some form of questioning.

TSA Officer: Excuse me miss but are you bringing a bunch of canaries across the Colorado border?

Me:  Well…ummm…they fetch top dollar at my local farmer’s market and you know with the economy and all I’m always looking to make some cash.

Officer: I’m sorry but it says right here on our domestic border crossing form “No contact with farm animals (or farms in general), no apple cores, and no sneaking in birds (or birdcages as we are in code orange).

But the Kansas City airport is super lax and I got to keep my self claimed party favor.

But really this post is about the wedding (not my new found obsession with birdcages).  Bailey and Jesse chose a semi-40’s themed wedding (or rather I’m betting Bailey had more to do with the theme choosing) and it was awesome!  The bride was decked out in a fitted wedding gown complete with feather hat and veil.  The bridesmaids wore Mad-Men-Esque black sheath dresses with black heels, crystals, and red lipstick (disclaimer: I was conned into wearing the bright red lipstick which looked fantastic on everyone else but just seemed to rub off on my teeth).

Mother and Daughter

Studio B site of the reception

The bride and groom were so happy together and it was so cool to share such a memorable day with them.  Congratulations Bailey and Jesse!

Oh yeah, and there were birdcages and dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.

Bouquet Toss


5 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. So glad that you enjoyed yourself! I certainly did! Also I am so glad that you got your birdcage home safe and sound! My recently acquired nephew asked me, “so what…you like birds or something?!” I just smiled and nodded and said, “what, don’t you?!” Thank you for being a part of my wedding…I loved how it turned out and thought that you girls, you mad men girls, were absolutely stunning! Love you!

  2. Also, I thought you rocked the red lipstick! Somehow I managed to get it all over Jesse and on my nose! He told me that he didn’t mind that I didn’t re-apply throughout the evening! 😉

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