Centennial State aka Colorado

Since we live in the great state of Colorado we are expected to play in the outdoors once in awhile.  We have limited camping equipment but we do have a tent and air mattress for said tent.  Our plan…always go with other people that know more about camping, bring flashlights, toilet paper, bug spray, camp stoves, pots, etc.  Second rule: only spend 2 nights without a shower (otherwise it gets really scuzzy).


This year a friend brought his Land Rover.  Instead of hiking we opted for driving into town to test it’s 50 mph range.

My little mountain wine store.

What does the Centennial State even mean Colorado?  I was going to put the ‘Natural State’ or something equally outdoorsy but then realized that might be the nickname for Arkansas.  Centennial State just doesn’t have any mountain flair.

Nature is quite beautiful.



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