The Real Deal-San Francisco

Everyone has their own experiences when they travel. You’ll find different routes (even if it means getting lost), eat at the perfect sidewalk cafe, or encounter bizarre locals. No matter how much research you put in or first hand recommendations you receive your trip will be unique. Nothing prepares you for a trip or city (let’s say San Francisco) than the real deal:) I love the surprises. If there was no awe factor to traveling you would simply look at pictures.

Everyone warned us of the cold bay weather. So when I stepped off the plane into winter I was properly prepared. However, I was surprised to see all of the locals skipping around in the wind. They seemed completely unaffected. Restaurants boast sidewalk cafes and biking abounds. I swear when Denver is cloudy (which only happens 10 times a year) we refuse to leave the house.

Nothing prepares you for 90 degree angle roads.

Fisherman’s Wharf is dirty. Yes, a tourist trap. But…it’s bustling. We found a seafood restaurant full of Italians and the local drunk. We had arrived.

Local eateries in San Francisco appear to have been there for decades. There is no contrived atmosphere they are simply part of the neighborhood.

We were never carded in CA for ordering alcohol. Everyone just politely asked if we were over the age of 21.

As we eavesdropped on people’s conversations about Harvard and working at their law firms Sam and I found ourselves hesitant eager to put JBU on the map. Our Arkansas private college experience might just provide the appropriate shock factor.

I really love cities. And that my cardigan matches the Golden Gate.













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