Sam and I planned a long weekend to Napa and San Francisco for our 5 Year Anniversary/Labor Day Weekend/Last Summer Hurrah/General Travel Excitement.  We decided to do minimal research for the Napa excursion because we’re spontaneous lazy.  Luckily the vineyards are easy enough to find and close together.  It didn’t take long before we located a vineyard sporting a ‘Gladiator’ driveway  lined with trees.  Signorello is a small vineyard boasting $15 tastings and a sweet patio with infinity pool that we did not get to test.  They also like to play reggae music when the boss is out of town and Labor Day weekend.  The blend of wine and care-free tunes was surprisingly perfect.  You should expect nothing less from a California wine tasting.

Confession. We only spent 3 hours in Napa. But drinking wine before 11am is not always appealing. At least if you don’t have cheese and cured meats. Which apparently had to be ordered in advance at the winery we picked! So when your husband turns to you and says “you wanna go to H&M?” you nod your head and hit the open road to San Francisco.


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