Walking Colfax (Denver in Pictures)

It’s true that there have been attempts at ‘improving’ Colfax. Regentrification is a term that gets tossed around frequently these days, and in the case of Colfax, is perhaps more of a wistful hope than an actual grassroots change.  The street that courses through the heart of Denver connecting the Capitol to the rest of the city is not one to be changed so easily. And it may not want to be changed. It has been witness to more than its share of change, turmoil and lifeblood that shaped Colorado, but still the street pulses with a strangely youthful, undying lechery and life.  This unabashed deviance is evident in the windowless bars and adult book stores, or deals of a dubious nature being made in plain sight.  Alleyways threaten to spew their trash and secrets to the cars speeding by.   Old Malibus troll the road and slink off into side streets and shiny Audis with doors fastidiously locked rush into Argonaut Liquors for the best discounts in town.  There is also the beat of energy and life.  An old-school beatbox pulse that breeds music, art, the best burgers in town, and raw survival.  Splashes of color are found sprinkled around corners and shop facades in a curious attempt to forcefeed joy into this hard street.  A nameless voice of hope and redemption. So if you find yourself wondering down Colfax Avenue bring your appetite, and your rape whistle.

Co-Authored by Sam:)


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