England Non-English


Upon arriving to England I am painfully aware of my mono-lingual status. (sometimes I pretend that I can speak Spanish but I lack proficiency in expressing myself in anything but the present tense. Fine for touring but horrible for life). On the train ride to the hotel the only people talking (maybe the English speakers just kept quiet) were 2 Russian girls and some sort of Dutch/Netherlands language. I realized that I can only correctly identify Spanish and if I’m lucky Italian! When I started walking around the neighborhood that Sam lives in everyone I passed was a native non English speaker. But all shop owners speak English so I guess I can still spend my money on a pair of boots I spotted.

I love the melting pot of England. And how it brings the world clashing together. And I love that it awakens an awareness of how it’s not all about me or English:) I have a lot to learn.





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