Trafalgar Square (because I can’t get enough)

I know you’re thinking ‘shut up about Trafalgar Square already’ or ‘why isn’t she posting pictures of anything else.’  But I’m oddly obsessed with T-Square.  There’s nothing to really do here except sit around or wonder through the National Art Gallery which I’ve only done once properly.  But it’s the closest attraction to my office and I always see it when I come to London.  I like the stately lions (who are exceedingly patient to endure the constant climbing of tourists and troops of Asians waving at them), the fountains, Big Ben peeping through the mist, and it’s central location to everything.

(And after my pictures from the last post I had to share some that weren’t horrible.  So we’re giving Trafalgar a 2nd post.)


3 thoughts on “Trafalgar Square (because I can’t get enough)

  1. I fear that your constant references to “asians” are alienating a potentially huge reader base and source of massive ad revenue for our family to then subsequently spend on all sorts of wonderful goods made in China.
    Please note the views on “asians”, “asian tourists” and any photos shared with peace signs being thrown are the views of this blogger alone and are not shared by the van Family. (unless of course one of those members is throwing said peace sign…)

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