Castles, Pints, and Exmoor Ponies – Somerset, England

The English countryside was charming, quaint, feudal, lush, and overflowing with delicious food and drink.  I was floored at how green the hills were in late November…This is November!!  I kept asking our hosts if this was normal.  They finally stopped answering my questions and ignored my ahh-ing around every corner.  I highly recommend visiting Somerset county but if you don’t have our truly gracious hosts and tour guides I can’t promise that you will have as good of experience.*

According to the locals this is no big deal. Totally normal occurrence to look out your front window to see a horse walking down the main road.

Dunster Castle in the background. The circle building in the foreground is a 'yarn market.' I guess the peasants brought all their yarn to sell on Saturdays.

*It’s possible that if you offer our hosts a large sum of money they may consider picking you up from the train station and if you’re lucky take you for a pint.


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