Eiffel Tower

 Visiting the Eiffel Tower in November turned out to be a good idea.  It wasn’t a warm day but the grass was still green and the crowds were manageable.  I don’t know maybe the tourists aren’t that bad in summer? 
I was in charge of navigating to the Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triumph.  So I took a couple of detours and made the journey extra long…’on purpose.’  Because of my map skills I found stumbled on a local market with amazing cheeses and food stands.  We grabbed some French varietal warm ham and pepper sandwich and made our way back to the street.  In between our gorging of a French baguette we glanced up to see this view:  the Eiffel, just peeking through some apartment buildings.  No big deal.  (Check out my use of the ‘colon’ in the previous sentence.  Sometimes when grammar check kicks in you just need to start inserting random punctuation in hopes that you erase the green squiggly line.  Or at least provide a ‘trick fix’ that Word will accept.)
 The Eiffel Tower at night is emotional.  No, but really, I did cry.  One could blame that on aching feet, a $60 cab ride to dinner, or a long day, but driving by that lit up tower with the person you love most should move anyone to tears.
Oh, and at certain times throughout the night (maybe on the hour) all those lights start twinkling!  One giant twinkling hunk of steel.

Crowded market


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