The Time I Appeared Too Friendly

When I travel alone people tend to ask me random questions, start up conversations, or request odd favors. I don’t think I send off ‘approachable’ vibes. In fact I thought I gave quite the opposite impression bordering on hostility. But in retrospect maybe Sam is the one shooting daggers at would be thieves and little girls that ask where the restrooms are located.

On my trip to Salt Lake the plane experienced mechanical problems. Mechanical problems like, we were half way down the run way going 65mph and the plane came to a screeching halt. No big deal, a fuel line came loose so we taxied back to the gate to de-board and either fix the problem or get a new plane. In the end I never asked if we got a new plane. No one asked. Ignorance is bliss right?

As we were waiting to re-board an older gentleman came up to me as I was eating Quiznos and sitting on my own. He confirmed that I was on the SLC flight and then proceeded to mumble something about signaling him and his companion when our flight re-boarded. He wasn’t really creepy just odd. I decided to nod my head with no intention of searching nearby airport lounges or cafes for said man and his wife/girlfriend/sister/etc. Five minutes later he was back. He must have sensed my hesitation. This time he offered me $5 (it would have been $10 but he no longer had the extra $5) if I would come find him. Ummmm….now you’re an official scary person sir (because $5 can’t buy me jack in an airport). This is when I get all huffy and put on my back-the-freak-off face. I told him I would not be fetching him and I had no information regarding the flight. But! he could very well speak with a gate agent, sit in the waiting area with everyone else, listen for the very loud airport intercom, or simply watch for when all other 100 passengers board for Salt Lake! He seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t want to help him get on his flight. Thankfully another sane gentleman offered to signal for him…free of charge.

Sam speculates that he might have been trying to recruit me as a sister wife.



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  1. Sam says:

    Lol, $5…and yes, I exude a natural backthefreakup vibe at airports that has been careful constructed over the last 5 years of flying – you cannot just create that Jenna.

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