Madrid Day 1.5

In our original travel plan we had intended to fly direct from Denver to Lisbon (with assumed layovers) but when researching flights it was MUCH cheaper to fly into Madrid and book a cheap discount airline flight to Lisbon. I’m so glad we were able to spend a day and a half in Madrid. AND a month ago I was talking to my best friend on the phone when she apologetically mentioned she would not be coming to visit us in Denver in May but rather she was traveling to Spain on May 13th. After much exclamation and “what did you say?!?!” we determined we would be arriving in Madrid just 24 hours apart. So of course we waited for Shelby to arrive and she booked the same flight to Lisbon with us for the next two days.

We landed at 7:30am and went straight to our hotel. This was our full day in Spain so although we had not slept since 4am on the previous day, we freshened up in the hotel bathroom, left our bags with the front desk, and set out in the hot Spanish sun.

Food was our first priority. And here comes the most ‘honorable mention’ for this trip. HALEY ACUFF!! Thank you, thank you for sending food recommendations for Madrid!! We did not have enough time to waste on a bad place. Our bus took us directly by the Mercado de San Miguel which was conveniently located on your list! I yelled at Sam and said we HAVE to get off here! Haley says so! The market houses an amazing spread. The best olives, tortilla, jamon, cafe con leche…it was just all right there. We went back the next day:)

I will also mention that we took the Hop on Hop off bus. I typically don’t like the tour buses but we only had one day! And Madrid is a big city. Walking miles was not an option for these office legs. We loved it. The bus was a great way to see all the main sights. They run every ten minutes and you can get off at any stop you like and then hop back on any bus when you’re ready.

Our main stops included the market, the Prado museum (which we skipped because I was fading at this point), and the palace (where I proceeded to find a shady spot on the palace lawn and take a 30 minute power nap. Luckily I blended in with the other surprising amount of people just lazing around)

That night we went out for dinner to another amazing ‘Haley’ recommendation and enjoyed traditional Spanish fare and wine.

Day .5 – Shelby arrives in Madrid and comes to our hotel in the morning. We strolled around the streets and returned to the market for breakfast. Our agenda consisted of walking around enjoying the day and catching up. Plus, we saw a Real Madrid football team pep rally in a plaza we stumbled upon. Not a bad celebrity sighting:)













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