Lisbon – Belem


Belem is a neighborhood in Lisbon famous for a number of sights including a monastery, nautical statue, and something like a castle outpost pictured below. We skipped the monastery and walked along the boardwalk to view the other sights. Portugal was a country of exploration. Adventurers would set sail from the shores of Lisbon and later discover/bring back riches from Brazil, Goa (India), and other nations. Portugal was never as aggressive as Britain or Spain in their conquests but they still managed to be a big player back when Columbus and all those sea farers were mapping the world. (BTW I know that history lesson is riddled with holes but it was fascinating to see the fading splendor throughout Lisbon).

On our stop between sights we forgot to eat lunch and tried the local snails cooked in broth. Your guess on taste is probably accurate.










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