Day Trip to Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a beautiful town outside of Lisbon. A quick 45 minutes by train. There are a number of landmarks to see in Sintra including a royal palace that was built in the early 1900’s for the royal family, a Moorish castle, gardens, and other aristocratic fan fare. Visitors could spend an entire day touring the sights but we were only interested in the palace which can be done in a couple of hours. The palace was built on a hill (which you can hike…not my thing) and grants breathtaking views of Sintra and even Lisbon. For us non-hikers a regular bus runs direct from the train station with stops along the way. We arrived at that magical hour when the sun starts to dip and turns everything golden.

Entrance to the Palace

Views – Town of Sintra and Moorish Castle.

Nothing like Poseidon to welcome royal visitors.


4 thoughts on “Day Trip to Sintra, Portugal

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