Moving to Amsterdam

Two weeks ago Sam got a job offer for a position in Amsterdam.  He/We accepted on the spot.  This has been our hope and prayer for a long time.  Probably since we sat outside of a Quiznos in small town Arkansas as two college kids talking about our dreams.  We weren’t dating at the time but Sam told me he didn’t plan on getting married until he was in his late 30’s.  He wanted to accomplish some career, travel, and financial goals.  I sweetly smiled at him and silently laughed as I knew there was no way he was going to make it to his 30’s without marrying me.  I wanted in on those dreams. 

So we started our adventure together.  We hoped that we would get the opportunity to travel and live in a different culture.  Specifically live.  It’s impossible to visit a country for 4 days (or whatever vacation time you may get) and truly understand the people, food, customs, language, fashion…You need time and immersion to fully grasp the pulse of a place.  Time, for the culture to accept you and slowly shape your perspective.

We will miss everything about where and how we live now.  We have wonderful family and friends that will now be TEMPORARILY (because we do plan on returning) in a different time zone.  But we hope that people can share in this move with us (we are both completely addicted to social media so you’ll probably know far too much of what’s going on) and we want you to visit!  We will plan extravagant itineraries and make you buy us espresso:)

Currently, I’m making lists of how we plan on packing our life into 6 suitcases.  Really, I’m not too worried.  I’ve decided to buy a new winter wardrobe once we get there;)


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