Packing for a continent move

If you only had 6 bags to move your life to a new country what would you pack?

Our move is made slightly easier because we are renting our condo in Denver fully furnished and will be looking for a furnished apartment in Amsterdam for at least the first year. I’m packing up and storing closets, desks, and the bathroom (ie anything personal) but otherwise we can leave the place as is. Even if we weren’t renting our place furnished, it wouldn’t be worth shipping our stuff. One 20lb box costs $80 to ship from the US to The Netherlands not including duty and tax. If we end up renting unfurnished will make a trip to the Dutch ikea and buy the necessities.

Also not having kids reduces our packing I’d assume.

So have I missed anything??

My list:

Apple tv (a tiny box)
Clothes (all seasons) but am not bringing anything I haven’t worn in a year
Shoes (all)
One set of sheets
2 beach towels (not sure if we will have linens so beach towels can serve double purpose)
Bathroom essentials (not bringing blow dryer or flat iron as the outlets will be different)
Small bag of jewelry
Espresso machine (because he’s family and since it’s europe he’ll fit in)
Important documents (marriage license, birth certificate)

If that doesn’t fit in 6 bags something gets left behind.


3 thoughts on “Packing for a continent move

  1. Get an International power outlet – I am sure you already have one.. But it can be difficult to find in Amsterdam – for all your computers etc – try to get it at the airport here its MUCH cheaper than in Europe and it might be hard to find USA – Euro conversion. take ONE sentimental thing that isnt on your computer – I found this is comforting.. a little TED of sorts 🙂 – when I moved all I did was focus on the important stuff like paperwork etc.. clothes etc can be bought anywhere!!

    • Delise! Thank you! You are absolutely right. I think we have one converter and we will need more! I hadn’t thought of something sentimental except pictures but those are all on my computer and can be printed at anytime!

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