Denver – See You Soon


Not one person I know likes goodbyes. They suck. Even if you’re excited for the next step in your life. Our move to Amsterdam has been quick (a little over a month to prepare) but it also feels like one of the longest months. We tried to get a flurry of ‘lasts’ in with friends and family and there just isn’t enough time. (In fact I didn’t get to see my family before we left but I think that might actually be easier. Hopefully not harder in the long run but it would have been too hard to say goodbye. In fact I’m refusing to say goodbye. That’s healthy right?)

We are so thankful for everyone we have met in Denver over the last 6 years. We arrived here fresh out of college and 3 months into marriage. It has been such an adventure starting our lives in a new city. We had no friends (except for one guy who inexplicably let two 21 year olds crash at his house and take over his kitchen). Denver was a lesson in new starts and making new friends. (Different than college and it’s immediate connection of 1200 other 20 somethings fumbling through classes and adulthood.) We had a shiny new degree that proclaimed us ready for careers and life…a degree that plunged me straight into a horrible entry level job where you meet lifelong friends and make a year of smiling and dialing worth every call.

I am sad to leave Denver and its beauty but that is not what I will miss. I love the people we have encountered and the experiences we have shared. Our friendships these last 6 years have shown us love, laughter, hospitality, and second chances. Friends that call every week to hang out and/or change their plans to help or just listen. Girlfriends that talk over dinner for hours and then hit the town with early 2000 dance moves.

I am forever grateful for every one of you. And…I will see you soon!!







One thought on “Denver – See You Soon

  1. It’s horrible to say goodbye for now to great friends, but really nice that you have added some awesome people to your life. Thinking about you lots. Xoxo. Emily

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