First Impressions


We flew into Amsterdam at 7:30am just as the morning mists rolled off of canals and settled into lowlands. The Netherlands has a temperate or coastal climate that leads to high levels of precipitation and mild temperatures throughout the year. Our first day in Amsterdam felt like the first day of fall. Brisk temps with rain filled breezes. The sun came out around 11 and cast a lovely warmth and bronzed glow to the city streets and canals. This immediate plunge into fall (Denver had still been having 80+ degree days) had me pulling out my boots and ordering tomato soup for lunch. In the afternoon we stepped out into a light drizzle for a quick grocery run (about a 5 block walk from our hotel). Sans rain coat and umbrella (Sam was smart and bought a rain coat before we left CO) we headed out for food. Soon the drizzle turned into a shower but I was committed. No turning back as the store is only open from 4-8 on Sundays.

First impressions? I’m smitten, from swans gliding down peaceful canals to the cold rain that (for now) is simply refreshing. We sat at a sidewalk café for lunch and watched this peaceful city slowly wake up to the day. Bicyclists enjoyed their ride, families walked the streets, and couples ordered coffee and toasters. It seemed like the beginnings of a wonderful day.




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