Apartment Hunting Amsterdam – The Winner

You guys know me just a little too well. Almost everyone commented about the lack of oven and that has been my biggest hang up. However, in the end ovens were the exception, not the norm. My mid-west cooking will need to adjust to European micro/convection ovens.

In the end choosing our apartment was not too difficult (well after I figured out how I could make my kitchen functional and research on micro/ovens). And my cousin Bailey nearly nailed our reasoning in her comment below! (I’ve decided I may be too easy to read)

My first guess is the Historical Monument…nice to have it newly remodeled, great to be in the heart of the city when you don’t have a car…second guess is The Never Ending Stairs…kinda nice to have an oven and it may be nice to have it upstairs in the long run for dinner parties and such…third guess is the Louis Vuitton…layout sounds great, museum district sounds AWESOME …but I figured the worn out furniture would be a big minus…then it would be the brownstone and finally the cured meat…got the feeling that the price was all it had going for it…can’t wait to hear what you guys decided! – Bailey

Apartment #1 (The Historic Monument) was incredibly charming, functional, open, light, and well restored. The wooden beams are original to the home and the bedroom has a gabled roof with skylights and lots of windows. This was also the only apartment with a fully remodeled bathroom and walk in shower. Once we imagined ourselves in each apartment this was the only one that felt cozy and like ‘us’.

The main floor consists of the living room (with flat screen tv and surround sound, Sam was thrilled) and kitchen which is an open layout. So, although the kitchen is small it is part of the main living space thus allowing more room to actually prep and cook. The other apartments were all very compartmentalized with the kitchen occupying a very narrow hallway like space. We also have a very nice couch for guests and an air mattress will fit nicely:) The bathroom, laundry, and bedroom are upstairs making it secluded from the main living area.

And finally the BEST part about our place is the central location. After exploring the city for the past week we are thrilled to be right in the middle. We are feet away from a main shopping strip of the city (i.e. Zara, H&M), tons of Cafes, and on Saturdays there is a farmers market close by with incredible produce, flowers, croissants, crepes, meat, etc. Amsterdam is famous for their markets and this one is by far my favorite. Think Whole Foods meets the streets of Europe!

Flower stall in the nearby market

I’ll post more pictures when we move in mid October. I also hope to do some decorating. I doubt I’ll be able to use nails but I think I could use those 3M non stick hooks? Any other ideas for hanging pictures?

We’ll put in a prep table, micro/stove, and possibly a separate pantry to the left of the fridge.

Stairs leading up to the apartment. Picture taken from our front door.

Top window is the bedroom and 3 windows below are the living room.


2 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting Amsterdam – The Winner

  1. I survived two years in Korea without an oven! You can do it! You just get creative with the stove, and maybe you can even get yourself a little dutch oven 😉 I was voting for this one, it’s beautiful!!

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