Zandvoort – Beach Day Trip

We made a last minute decision to hit the beach today (crisp 55 degrees and all). Not sure why it’s taken this long to venture to the coast…I will admit that I miss not having a car and I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get too the closest beach. It would be really nice to have a car and just drive wherever/whenever. However, it’s completely unreasonable to have a car in the center of Amsterdam and nearly impossible to receive a permit (we’ve heard there is a waiting list from 6-10 years). Turns out, the trek was super easy and stress free.

The beach town of Zandvoort to Amsterdam is a quick 30 minute train ride and a no brainer for the summer (and really all seasons). The long stretch of sand was beautiful to stroll in October and there are numerous beach side restaurants open year round.  Eateries and beach clubs sit about 200ft from the surf and can be found along the entire strip of sand. We walked for about an hour before posting up at De Haven for drinks, traditional Dutch snacks, and shrimp pasta.

Not sure I’ve ever been to the beach in boots! (just humor a girl that’s been forever landlocked)

Sandcastles (protected by chain link fencing)



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