An Unexpected City Break

I’m going to Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday. (A sentence I never thought I’d write in my life). You know, how about we book a last minute trip to Poland?? What?! But this is all parts awesome. Sam travels for work and in the past I never got to go because I also worked and his trips are last minute. Until now. I am diligently looking for a job in Amsterdam but, for now, I am taking advantage of these trips. I’m booked on LOT Polish Air, 2 hours direct from Amsterdam.

So I wrote a list of the top 5 things I know about Poland. Turns out my list is pretty crap.

#1 Frederic Chopin – to be completely honest I did forget where Chopin was born. But I’m gonna include him on my list of ‘what I know about Poland’ because I played piano for 12 years and one of his nocturnes was the only pieces I ever memorized. Frederic gets a spot.

#2 Pierogi – a yummy baked/fried dough pocket (similar to a dumpling) filled with cottage cheese and sometimes meat or fruit. This is the part where I start to have major deja vu regarding my heritage. Not only did I grow up eating random Dutch food like peppernuts and New Years cookies but pierogi is verenika!! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about just know its because you’re not Mennonite or didn’t grow up in the middle of nowhere) at this point I believe my family must be from some intersection of Poland, Holland, and Germany. I’m waiting for the day I stumble upon a non dancing village of farmers that eat runzas and drink pop all day.

#3 Auschwitz – not sure I’m up for this day trip. Although I’m a bit of a book fanatic and read every WWII/Holocaust book available during junior high.

#4 Capital city – Warsaw

#5 Located in Central Europe

Pathetic!! I ended with geography?! Hopefully after 6 days in Warsaw I’ll come back with something legitimate.

Oh and we move into our apartment today!



6 thoughts on “An Unexpected City Break

  1. I’m so jealous! As a fellow Mennonite, I’d be psyched to see the home of verenika (though I think the home of peppernuts, aka pfeffernuse is Germany–but maybe there are incarnations of it all over Europe?), and a child/teenage aficionado of WWII books. Warsaw is supposed to be beautiful (but what large European city isn’t …) but you should also keep an eye out for the infamous Polish Pottery. I’ve always wanted to see Warsaw after reading The Zookeeper’s Wife.

  2. Yes! That is so cool Jenna, you are going to have so much fun! I remember when I saw the New Year’s cookie stand on the street in Amsterdam…it was like I was home! 😉 What do they call them? I’m excited to hear about this Pierogi a.k.a. verenika and hear how it compares! Maybe they do gravy cook-offs too! 🙂 hehe

  3. I laughed so much at this post. I feel like this trip represents a small culmination of our middle school summer book club reading adventures (Bodie Thoene, Zion Covenant series??). Is the connection at all obvious to you??

    • Oh it’s more than obvious! Vienna Prelude, Prague Counterpart, Berlin??, can’t remember if there was a Warsaw. What a weird bunch of middle school kids we were…chillin at the library.

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