Weekend Move

We planned our move for Friday at 4pm, during rush hour (not so convenient when moving all your belongings by metro and tram). Our landlady met us and the inspection and keys were handed over in less than 30 minutes. Moving into a fully furnished apartment has definite perks. Stocked kitchen (no food of course), linens, decor, fresh flowers, and spotless from the beginning. After the contracts were signed we ventured back into the rain to retrieve the rest of our bags from the hotel. Rolling and lugging suitcases anywhere in Europe is a horrible idea. Luckily, Sam loves me and managed all the heavy lifting (including the four flights of very steep, very Dutch stairs) really he must have a thing for me. We unpacked and headed down to Cafe de Dokter (Cafe of the Doctor) for a much deserved drink where we met 3 rowdy gentleman who were very intrigued with Sam’s limited knowledge of Dutch (from growing up in southern Africa), how old we were, why we were moving to Amsterdam, and facebook.

Steep right?!

Saturday looked like this:

Figure out TV and stereo: All in Dutch, no English manual. But Sam downloaded an English manual online.

Operate combination microwave/oven: Manual provided in 6 languages! But not English. Should I just turn it on and hope it doesn’t blow up or burn the place down? No, no, that would be irresponsible, I downloaded a manual and then got bored. I fired up the convection for garlic rice pilaf and Sam tested a small strip of aluminum foil to confirm that it would not spark and blow up when I covered my dish for baking.

Do some laundry: 2 in 1 dryer and washing machine. Yup, manual and controls are Dutch. I proceed to throw some towels in and make an educated guess with the pictures provided. Squiggly lines mean wash I bet;) Then I downloaded an English manual from the internet aha!! Naturally, I was enlightened more confused after the download and reading all 500 possible combinations and methods of drying (steam, extra dry, iron dry, cupboard dry, store dry) so I wrote them this snarky letter (which unfortunately I can’t send as I have no Dutch stamps and have not seen a stamp store yet)

“Dear appliance manufacturer, at first I was upset because I couldn’t find the ‘cupboard dry’ option on your machine and I ALWAYS ‘store dry’ my white t-shirts. However, after deciphering all your wonderful picture hieroglyphics I found ‘store dry’! Thanks for keeping things real! – a satisfied customer”

I continued washing/drying using my ‘intuition’ and voila! the towels were dry after 1.5 hours! And then I noticed there was a centimeter of water resting in the plastic tub that the machine sits in…maybe that’s why a tub is provided? After a quick email to our landlord he said he’d stop by on Monday. Turns out water in the pan is not normal. So, the plumber came today and said nope not normal I’ll come back on Tuesday:) I got to have nice chats with the plumber, electrician, and our landlord today. I quite enjoyed all the affirmation that the machine is on the fritz and not me!

We haven’t done anything special to our place yet so the best pics are still from this post. But I hope to have something next week.


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