Pierogi Bested

I’m on a quest to find the perfect pierogi. Luckily, every restaurant specializes in at least 15 different options. Day one I ordered pierogi for lunch and dinner. Each order came with 8 dumplings! That’s more than anyone person should eat in a day. But missions require sacrifice and Pierogi quests are no exception. Most of the dishes do not come with gravy and a lot of dumplings are boiled. And to me the perfect pierogi should be filled with cheese, fried, and smothered in ham gravy. I guess I really wanted the verenika I have been eating my whole life at my grandmas’ tables and my own home. Friday, I found a close substitute. I was in verenika heaven. The gravy was mushroom based and they were filled with sausage but I was digging the cream based gravy and fried yummy goodness.

I walked away feeling a little heavy but content. Being a lady with time on my hands I felt a little nap might be in order.

An hour later Sam got off work and woke me up. We had planned to take a bus downtown for dinner. I didn’t feel in top form but I was up for some fresh air. As our elevator hurtled to the ground I could only think about oozy gravy. We stepped onto a hot Polish bus and a man was eating French fries while simultaneously sucking on the greasy wrapper (tmi? yeah tell me about it) Truly the disgust factor was so strong that I almost vomited on his feet. I’m not even exaggerating for the sake of drama.

Sam proceeded to shuffle us off of the bus and onto the street. I nearly lost it. We came back to the hotel and I drank a liter of sparkling water with lemon. And that’s how we spent our Friday night in Warsaw.

I’m on official pierogi detox.




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