Good-bye Warsaw

I had a lot of time on my own for a week in Warsaw. I did a lot of walking, eating, and staring at people.

Women dress to kill in Poland. Heels, layers, handbags, smooth long blonde hair, skirts, dresses, and ALWAYS wearing nylons. Nude colored even if only a calf is visible. I think their hair looks better than the Dutch because it rains less and they’re not riding bicycles everywhere which does a number on the tresses.

Coffee drinks are served in massive mugs. More similar to America than their European neighbors.

Women drink beer with a shot of raspberry syrup and sip through a straw.

Like an autumn shandy

Check out the “Beer Tower”

Polish men wear a lot of track suit tops and bottoms.

Wait staff are pretty attentive in Poland (compared to Holland) but customer service is still nowhere near the level in America. I don’t mind a less attentive waiter (unless I want the check) it encourages long relaxed dinners (since your food might not come for a while you might as well get comfortable!) It’s customary to tip 10% in Poland.

Close to zero American tourists. In fact, a pretty low tourist population in general. It is October but I’m pretty sure Warsaw draws less tourists than say…Paris. I would recommend a visit to Warsaw if you live in Europe or have unlimited funds and vacation (good local and international food, interesting history, not crowded, cheap shopping (only if you venture from chain stores like H&M), beautiful palaces and parks). However, if you’re from the US and have limited vacation or only plan on coming to Europe once, I’d stick with a neighboring European country like (France, England, Italy, The Netherlands;)


5 thoughts on “Good-bye Warsaw

  1. I like the recommendation recap. And I would not have expected Polish women to be stylish. What a terrible stereotype I’ve built up in head. Probably because I immediately associate Polish with sausage, and that translates from food to people…apparently? Oops. Also, weird to think about beer through a straw. I think I’m going to try to weird out a bartender with that the next time I go out.

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