Living Room Pictures

It’s taken me a while to post pictures of the living room.  I took pics of the kitchen earlier as there wasn’t much I wanted to add as far as decoration. However, the longer we are here it seems silly to go out and buy a bunch of items that we may end up moving.  And the owners of our apartment did a great job of adding personal touches (candle holders, lamps, vases, even the orange espresso machine!) So, if I end up persuading the landlord to put nails in the walls I may hang art otherwise I’m pretty happy that all the decor is close to what I might have picked myself!

Also, there are rumors that The Netherlands goes crazy with Christmas decor and lights.  Poor Sam may have to haul a tree up our stairs.





The ‘street’ that we enter from. Only foot traffic allowed. There is an excellent bar and 3 restaurants literally right beneath our apartment.

View to the right. Also, the windows right across our apartment are frosted over so we can’t see into each other’s space.

When the owners remodeled this building all the outside window panes had to be maintained. The glass is pre- WWII and protected by whomever governs building laws.




6 thoughts on “Living Room Pictures

  1. Sounds like Shelby is planning a trip! When is she coming? Love how clean and uncluttered the place is. But according to Sam this was just for the photo shoot. I think a tree will look lovely in front of your windows. Have fun with that Sam:)

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