Skipping Thanksgiving (well of course I can still celebrate)


Every year there seems to be a general sense of animosity or disagreement around the proper timing of Christmas decor sold in stores, radio Christmas music, or that Thanksgiving is skipped or ignored. I believe the outrage stems from individuals that desire the holiday season to be about more than the commercial institution it has become today. I get it. But I’m surprised how anxious people get when they see garland peaking from the Target end caps. I’m wondering if there are bigger things to be annoyed at like human trafficking or why Nicholas Cage is allowed to keep making films.

Anyways, this post was intended to be all about how there is no Thanksgiving in Amsterdam and how I realized how much Thanksgiving and Christmas are intertwined in my mind. In the best possible way. Thanksgiving ushers in Christmas and acts as a proper ‘go’ signal. Instead The Netherlands celebrates Sinterklaas (before Christmas but I’m foggy on details at this point). So I’m not sure what to expect. Christmas lights are already going up and shops are selling decor. I’m enjoying the festive cheer.

Now I’m realizing my earlier rant may have been hypocritical as I was ranting about ranting.

Also there seems to be a very racially insensitive slant with Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas looks like the American Santa Klaus, white and jolly. But Sinterklaas’ “helpers” are white men that paint their faces black…maybe it’s soot? Your guesses? Although now I wonder why Santa Klaus has elves…maybe it could be viewed as insensitive.



4 thoughts on “Skipping Thanksgiving (well of course I can still celebrate)

  1. “…Saint Nicholas travels with what was consistently described as ‘six to eight black men.’ I asked several Dutch people to narrow it down, but none of them could give me an exact number. It was always ‘six to eight,’ which seems strange, seeing as they’ve had hundreds of years to get a decent count.”

    Read more: Six to Eight Black Men, by David Sedaris – Esquire

    I’m glad you get to live these traditions this year. I’ll just be listening to this short story over and over and thinking of you.

    • OMG!!! I now remember you and Shane playing this for us on our way to the mountains!! How bizarre that it popped back into my life. Gonna have to listen again:)

  2. I literally laughed out loud at the Nicholas Sparks comment! So far no Christmas decor here but I feel like the Netherlands is a great place to enjoy a little holiday cheer. Enjoy your holidays! Miss you!

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