Thanksgiving Menu

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with our only American friends in Amsterdam! (Well, he is from the U.S. and she is from Russia but at least he and I can represent)! I love being in the kitchen this time of year and decided I’d try out as many ‘harvest’ recipes as possible before finalizing a Thanksgiving menu. (I’m in charge of the bird, salad, and festive drink).

The Food and Wine website turned out to be incredibly helpful this year (maybe it’s the wine?). I pinned a bunch of recipes and this last week I made roasted cauliflower and white bean soup. I HATE cauliflower (and broccoli) but roasting and sautéing in sugar performs a water into wine miracle. Truly fabulous…but my friend is making green bean casserole (pure Kansas comfort food) so we’ll stick with that. I also made a wonderful white bean soup but that seems rather odd at a Thanksgiving table. For a Monday night it’s a great option.

I’ll be roasting a chicken this year instead of Turkey. I checked at a speciality market for Turkey and they said I could order it at Christmas…maybe…Chicken it is. I chose a Cranberry-Raisin-Apple Chutney for a little Thanksgiving oomph. I’m also bringing a green salad. My friend Sarah in Denver makes the best pear walnut and cheese salad so I’m going to try and pull that off. (Most of the fruit and veg in The Netherlands are on the same season as the US, including pears:)

Pre-Thanksgiving Recipes: White Bean Soup, Roasted Cauliflower, Pear Pie

Thanksgiving Recipes: Chicken with Cranberry Chutney, Hard Cider Sangria, Pear Walnut Goat Cheese Salad with simple balsamic vinaigrette (toss together)

Mini pear pies


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