Gluhwein = Mulled Wine

The Christmas market in Dusseldorf is more of a grown up party. Locals and tourists pack narrow streets to browse craft and food stalls. Children tend to see only the backside of the adult in front of them as they’re shuffled along by parents. And the night time festivities get downright jolly with barrels of Gluhwein (warm wine with sugar and spices) and glasses of beer. The excitement of the market was hard to capture in pictures or relate in words. Friends gathered around warm mugs and ate their yearly decadent treats of fried hash browns served with applesauce, bratwurst, candied nuts, waffles, licorice, and pork knuckle sauerkraut sandwiches (a favorite). The evening turned close to perfect when a brass band (complete with a plaid suited tuba player) struck up Christmas tunes.

Also, the Christmas crafts appeared to be absolute last priority for all. Doilies and handmade hippie candles from 1991 invoked a cursory glance as everyone merrily walked past to the Gluhwein.

Christmas crowds

Christmas crowds






River walk and barge watching

River walk and barge watching



Man enjoying the sun

Man enjoying the sun





Docklands in Dusseldorf

Docklands in Dusseldorf




2 thoughts on “Gluhwein = Mulled Wine

  1. Okay, love everything! Love the pic of your self portrait and Sam laughing like a little girl in the background. Love how green the grass is! Love Sam’s tall tennies. Love everything about your posts. You know that when I come to visit you Jenna, I might not leave. You are okay with that, right? 😉

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