An Unfortunate Welcome


There are some fairly non-glamorous aspects of traveling. Like when your camera and passports are snatched from a train at a brief stop in Brussels. Or filing a police report and submitting your passport number to authorities so no one uses said passport illegally. And then missing the rental car company by 5 minutes because you were delayed by sitting in a police station. Or walking through a deluge of rain that soaks your socks and boots forcing you to purchase new footwear and change your socks at a bar.

Our Brussels greeting felt more like a slap than the normal welcoming hug. But as we shook off our anger and drove through the rain we were truly grateful the only impact was material. Cameras and passports can be replaced.

We drove straight to the charming medieval town of Bruges. And even though we had just been robbed and the rain kept coming we aren’t faking our smiles. Bruges is lovely.

And Merry Christmas Eve! Wish we could be with all our friends and family!







4 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Welcome

  1. I teared up for multiple reasons while reading this post; the beauty, disappointment, transparency (oh, and that whole missing you thing) all contributed. Hope your Christmas was as fantastic as it looked on Instagram. 😉 Xoxo

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