2012 passed as a year of big change. Most of my friends and family experienced major (positive) life changes in the last 12 months. My brother brought home a girl (and promptly put a ring on it), my sister left for college, and Sam and moved our lives to Europe. Friends started families (or added babies), changed careers, lost jobs, purchased homes, bought new cars, started relationships, or moved to new cities. I’m not sure why but it felt like a pivotal year. A year where lives were ripe for change. Or maybe as we age the changes are more deliberate and defined. Whatever the case I’m looking forward to 2013:)


Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake


Plaza Mayor Madrid, Spain


Neighborhood festival decorations Lisbon, Portugal


Moorish Castle overlooking Sintra, Portugal


Tapestries sunning Marrakech, Morocco


Setting sun Marrakech, Morocco


Baby sister graduating High School!


Gained a sister


Palace gardens Warsaw, Poland


Military art movement Warsaw, Poland


Leggy Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blurred old town Dusseldorf, Germany


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