The Nine Streets

De Negen Straatjes (The Nine Little Streets) are streets lined with boutique clothing, cafes, hair stylists, antiques, art, and oddities (such as a store that specializes in vintage lamps and toasters). I love these streets. I walk up and down almost everyday. Although the streets are highly frequented by tourists they retain a strong local attraction as well. I buy cheese from de Kaaskamer (cheese room), wine from a knowledgeable store owner, and take shirts to the dry cleaner (although honestly this doesn’t happen often). The streets are narrow and mainly filled with pedestrians and bicyclists. During rush hour bikes cruise down streets barely avoiding cross traffic and the occasional car or delivery truck. It’s like a choreographed cycle dance that only Amsterdammers can perform. (Before moving out of North America I had no idea that bicycle rush hour traffic existed.) One could sit outside with a cup of coffee and people watch for hours. Of course after your coffee and ham and cheese toastie you will want to buy a bow tie, try a new hair style, start collecting 1950’s lamps, or be tempted by high end handbags. Or maybe not. The unique mix of goods and services perfectly compliments the eclectic spirit of Amsterdam. Oh yeah, and we learned that the streets used to be in the leather working district (although I haven’t found a lot of further historical information) but the street names themselves suggest proof i.e. Hide Street, Bear Street, Wolf Street, Heart Street, etc. Anyways, it’s an interesting plausible fact.

Scotch & Soda – Amsterdam Couture clothing shop



Handbags from Berlin




This is a ferris wheel with toothbrush passengers…the store specializes in oral care.


Wheels of Old Amsterdam Cheese (Gouda)


Second hand/Vintage clothing – Below, a wall of cut off jean shorts. Excellent.







9 streets


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