Love without borders


I arrived in Bucharest in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day. As my taxi driver hauled ass down the freeway I couldn’t help but feel a little terrified and reflect upon this day of love. The SWISS air flight attendant had passed out red chocolate hearts to passengers and Romania was decked out with red balloons and the usual tacky Vday fanfare. My cab driver turned up the sappy love music and asked why I had to travel alone to Bucharest on Valentine’s Day. He gave me a sad face in the rear view mirror. I assured him that I was meeting my husband on a work trip and we were going to dinner and traveling the countryside. Relief flooded his face and he proceeded to gush in broken English about Dracula’s castle and the top sites in Bucharest. Valentine’s Day might be the only holiday that transcends all borders and cultures. I didn’t realize how widespread it was celebrated until being in 3 different countries on February 14th (The Netherlands, Switzerland layover, and Romania). While I don’t go for cheesy teddy bears or even need a gift I can get behind a global day of love.



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