Mandatory 5 weeks

One of the best things ever about living in The Netherlands is the amount of time off. The minimum vacation allowance is 25 days per year! 25 days! That doesn’t even count the (on average) nine Dutch public holidays. And most companies have no cap on sick days. When I tell people that typically Americans “get” 10-15 days of vacation they are noticeably shocked. It’s incomprehensible to the Dutch. It finally clicks as to why Americans are unable to travel at the same rate as Europeans.

This week we are driving along the Amalfi coast in Italy. For once in our lives not worried about trying to cram in everything during our one vacation of the year.






4 thoughts on “Mandatory 5 weeks

  1. How good is it!!! We get 4 weeks here! Makes it so much easier to travel and go home!! You might have to plan to come visit me while living there because you will actually have the time for it 🙂

  2. I agree with giving more vacation days. . I believe that is the key to my happiness… vacation time, public holidays and great wine at an affordable price. I miss Europe.

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