Naples, should you go?

We figured if we were driving past Naples on our way to Amalfi we HAD to stop for pizza. Can pizza get any better than sampling from its source? Buffalo mozzarella, basil, wood fired, and that unique tomato sauce…I needed to know. But here’s the deal. Apparently Naples is super sketchy. Like everyone in Europe told us not to stop. High crime, dirty, nothing to see, and supposedly they also make pizza in other parts of Italy:) So…we stopped. As I said we needed to know for ourselves. And luckily Sam is a bad ass driver. You really have to be a stud to drive through Naples especially at night, with me as a sub par navigator, during rush hour, in road construction, next to scooters, brushing past pedestrians, and other ridiculously tiny cars. We parked our car in a shady back alley parking lot and paid an equally suspicious attendant €3.

I’ll leave it to your best judgement if you want to hit up Naples but the bubbling margherita pizza was truly something.

We only took two photos. We’ve lugged our camera around Bangkok, NYC, Cape Town, Marrakech…but after nightfall in Naples it seemed wise to stick with snapping shots in the restaurant with the camera phone.



4 thoughts on “Naples, should you go?

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