Finding your way


It took us three days to find a supermarket in Italy. They don’t have massive brand name stores with row after row of parking. Instead imagine your town is built on the side of a cliff and your grocery store entrance is on the main winding road connecting each small town. We parked as close to the rock wall as we could and made like we were locals.

The grocery store had three basic aisles:

1. Mozzarella
2. Olive oil
3. Pasta (and to my delight half the aisle was Barrilla pasta! All these years my spaghetti has been authentic. Never mind that I use ragu, ground beef, and only discovered fresh basil in the last 5 years)

Also, this is my second post about European grocery shopping. I need to come up with more interesting observations. Like when we saw a bunch of German tourists bail out of a bus with black socks and alpine walking sticks or how the cathedral in Amalfi has a crypt of St. Andrew’s bones that were carried from Jerusalem and a mysterious liquid has collected on said bones for 700 years. See that is a lot more entertaining. Who wouldn’t want to read about a miraculous jaw bone?












3 thoughts on “Finding your way

  1. I love reading your stories, Jenna, and the photographs are amazing! You are giving me a SERIOUS travel bug. 🙂 Keep sharing please!

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