A couple of surprises

A couple of surprises on my trip to the states.

You are not allowed to rent cars on a 3 month expired US drivers license. Something I should have checked before booking my return flight out of Dallas. Not too surprised that the easiest way from Austin to Dallas was purchasing a one way flight at the ticket counter. No public transportation makes life a little pricey.

I remember why Coke, free refills, and iced coffee are so popular. Hot days call for lots of cold drinks.

I hate central AC. I shivered my way through most meals and indoor experiences. And then promptly sweat it out when I stepped outside.

I forgot how much I liked BBQ, burgers, and Mexican food. Most of my day was planned around my next food fix. I think I ate enough to be satisfied until Christmas.

There are a lot of sports facilities in Texas.

Americans are really nice and apologize when they bump into you on the street.


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