Thank you to our guests

We have had loads of visitors since our move. I honestly believed people were fake promising that they would ever come to visit. I also thought they were really silly for coming in the spring instead of during summer (when it should be, I don’t know, at least 70 degrees). Turns out they all did better research on this country. The spring was fairly decent for spring.

It’s been an incredible experience to host family and friends and share our lives. Each person has had their own unique stories and observations. Somehow my dad found every possible musician and band in Amsterdam. At one point my mom and I lost him at a festival. We found him a short time later playing one of his favorite songs on some hippie’s bass guitar. Everyone loved riding bikes, one girl fell in love with old Amsterdam cheese, four people witnessed tulip season, another friend made it his mission to hunt down every last notable beer. One couple made a ferry crossing, another guy forgot a scarf, Sam’s dad ate raw herring, and everyone was impacted by the charming ‘village’ atmosphere of Amsterdam. Thank you for exploring, being part of our lives, and allowing us to drag you to all of our favorite places!

In order of appearance








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