Some new beach dining options

Holland is not known for having much of a summer. I’ve been told that 10 years ago the weather was better and summer existed. Once upon a time. Today, July 6, the temperature soared to 26C and we hit the beach. We packed some snacks and hopped the fast train to the coast.

While I rubbed sunscreen over every inch of my glowing white skin (except for a patch on my elbow) I surveyed the locals. We were in between a snoring old man and two groups of couples. Around lunch, one couple pulled out a baguette and a tub of butter. They made two foot long butter sandwiches. The other group of 4 smoked cigarettes and shared a 1 gallon carton of milk. ???? Milk cannot be a satisfying thirst quencher after sweating for two hours. But maybe the butter and milk diet works. They were all ridiculously bronzed and beautiful. They must spend their remaining 364 days fake tanning and furiously riding bikes.



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