4 countries in 2 days

Two weeks ago we took a little road trip through England, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. It’s even possible to sneak in Luxembourg to bring the country count to 5 but no need to push limits:) Besides we were traveling with friends from Amsterdam and it seemed more important to take our time, stop for KFC at a truck stop, and enjoy the sights along the way. We stayed in London most of the time but the pictures below are from a quick 2 hour sight seeing adventure in Oxford, England and our day in Bruges, Belgium.



While I was walking through Oxford an American teenage girl exclaimed, “Mom! This is how I imagined England. London confused me.” I think she had been watching lots of Downton Abbey. I love London but the English countryside and villages retain it’s timeless charm.



We drove through England and loaded the car onto a train to cross the English Chunnel…underground. I’ll admit I didn’t really understand that we would be taking a train under the water…and then drive off into France. It was bizarre and ingenious at the same time. We drove through a thunderstorm (well I slept since I had just inhaled a bucket of fast food and my organs were shutting down) and stopped for the night in Bruges.









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